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Diverse architect and design manager adept at implementing an innovative approach to all projects. Problem solving and attention to detail are my two strongest qualities, ensuring every project I undertake is done accurately and to the highest standard.

Developing Design Guidelines for Dog-friendly Condominiums

  • With the increase in dog ownership among condo residents, comes an increase in dog-related condo issues. The city of Toronto currently has 230,000 registered dogs, but lacks the infrastructure to handle this population in their condominium towers. This is resulting in conflicts between dog owners and non dog owners, and causing management issues for condominium property managers. The reasons behind these problems vary from lack of condo dog amenities to the noise transmission of dogs barking, to the building materials used that are not compatible with dogs. Since half of Canadians have pets, and with thousands of new condos coming to market each year in Toronto, we’re going to see thousands more dogs moving in with their owners. New dog-friendly condominium guidelines will not only serve this growing population of dog condo dwellers, but will also be a solution to most of the conflicts currently faced in condo buildings.
  • The project scope is divided into four phases: Phase 1: Complete design audit of company’s existing condominiums, as well as the condominiums of the top three competitors in the real estate development industry, which include Tridels, Pemberton Group, and Concord Adex, as well as the top 3 condominiums with pet amenities in the world. The deliverable of this phase is a visual audit report which will be reviewed by sponsor. Total phase duration is 17 days. Phase 2: Develop concept for design guideline. This will result in design concept discussion and approval. Total phase duration is 7 weeks. Phase 3: Test concept design guidelines with target audience. The deliverables of this phase are recording transcripts of interview responses. Total duration of this phase is 4 weeks. Phase 4: Fully develop the design guideline document and perform final testing. Total duration of this phase is 12 weeks. The design team that is required to be working on the project is a group of four professional designers: an architect (OAA), landscape architect (OALA), material specification expert and an architectural technologist. In addition, a dog expert from The Association of Professional Dog Trainers will be part of the team who will make sure our solutions work with the behavior of dogs.